Karen Saunders BHSc.


I am a degree-qualified medical herbalist, nutritionist, and a yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher.
I work alongside Dr. Miranda Myles at ShenQi Natural Medicine in Melbourne, specialising in women’s health, and a personal passion of mine – all things gut.

I love what I do.

I am also a woman who has navigated my own health issues. I understand the challenges we women face.

Today we choose to fulfill many roles and responsibilities. We take on a lot. Our bodies are powerful enough to spring Life; yet at the same time we are sensitive, receptive and have a huge capacity for emotion. This often means we give to ourselves last, and our health and inner emotional
life suffers.

I’ve arrived here through my own journey of chronically never feeling ‘enough’. I used to strive for perfection, and this gave rise to anxiety, fatigue and sexual health issues and hang-ups. I’ve dedicated more than a decade of my life understanding all aspects of women’s health, and have developed a lot of tools. I love the delicate hormonal interplay within our bodies, and everything it tells us. Another topic close to my heart is the blossoming female sexuality thats happening right now –
and the healing that happens when a woman starts to embody her power. I love to help women start to recognise that.

It is my belief that when a Woman feels good and awakens to her
worth she facilitates great healing to those around her – and to the planet. Therefore it is my purpose is to educate women so that
they can facilitate their own healing.